Search for young talents

The University of Wuppertal launched various STEM projects especially for women in order to encourage them to study one of these subjects and to support them during the study entry phase.


SommerUni is one of the university’s programmes specifically aimed at schoolgirls and female school graduates who passed their university entrance exam (Abitur).


Junior mentoring programme

Another component of the recruiting of women is the junior mentoring programme for schoolgirls which focuses on the interface between school and university. As part of a career guidance and supported by a scientist, female students of engineering and natural sciences visit schools and present themselves and their subjects to interested schoolgirls. Beyond that, they mentor new female students during their study entry phase.

For this task, tutors were trained in special seminars.

Contact details:

Ursula Skraburski
Telephon: 0202/439-5255

“Ich werde Professorin” - Career path to professorship

As part of this programme, schoolgirls interested in the academic profession, preferably with a specific interest in STEM subjects and the readiness to pursue an unusual career goal, can do a work placement of one to three weeks.

"Ich werde Professorin" - Career path to professorship

Further projects

Further projects to recruit talented young employees and focusing on an integrated gender approach are based at the Bergischen Schul-Technikum BeST, including courses where young people, particularly girls, receive the opportunity to become acquainted in a practical sense with robot technology and to gain hands-on experience with regard to computer science.

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