[Translate to Englisch:] Wir sind MINT: Doktorandinnen der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften präsentieren ihre Forschung

2014 „Wir sind MINT II“

2014 “Wir sind MINT II” Poster exhibition “Wir sind MINT - Doktorandinnen der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften” (“We are MINT - Doctoral researchers in Mathematics and Natural Sciences”)

At the exhibition female students of engineering and technical subjects gained an insight into the graduation course system of the departments of “Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering”, and “Electrical, Information and Media Engineering.” As part of the SommerUni female pupils visited the poster exhibition and used the chance to ask female doctoral researchers about their career.

The vernissage took place on 4 June, the poster were exhibited at the library until 24 June. At the end of the exhibition, there was a closing ceremony and some students were awarded prizes in the category “Best poster design” and in the category “Science Slam”. Both prizes included a prize money of 250 euro. The visitors decided which person should receive a prize. Until 20 June 2014, they could vote either on-site or online on the exhibition’s webpage. Both prizes were awarded to Sara Trost from Department E.

At the “Science Slam”, which was part of the closing ceremony, all participants of the exhibition had the opportunity to win a second prize. They were invited to present their posters in a short five-minute presentation. The object was to present scientific coherences and applications both entertainingly and pointedly and impart them to non-professionals and students without any background knowledge. The exhibition should make the visitors curious and make them feel enthusiastic about it. All participants of the exhibition could take part in the “Science Slam”. Finally, the audience of the closing ceremony chose the winner of the “Science Slam”.

The joint poster project by the ZGS and the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit will be continued.

2012 "Wir sind MINT I"

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