[Translate to Englisch:] Wir sind MINT: Doktorandinnen der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften präsentieren ihre Forschung

Poster exhibition “Wir sind MINT - Doktorandinnen der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften” (“We are STEM – Doctoral researchers in Mathematics and Natural Sciences”)

In order to promote an academic personnel development oriented towards equality and diversity, the Centre for Graduate Studies (ZGS) and the Equality Opportunities Officer established a poster design project that is addressed to female doctoral candidates.

The underlying issue concerns the underrepresentation of women in science, particularly at the level of professorships. Based on its Gender Equality Concept, the University of Wuppertal intends to provide incentives to ensure that female students consider a university career, including an increase in visibility of female junior researchers at the university’s departments. The exhibition provides an insight into the postgraduate course structure of the different subjects. Female students interested in science and research are offered the opportunity to get in touch with female doctoral candidates who serve as a role model and contact person.

2012 "Wir sind MINT I"

2014 "Wir sind MINT II"

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