“Ich werde Professorin” - Career path to professorship (TOP-Praktikum)

“I will become a professor! – Work placement leading to dream job for graduates!"

Information on the application for a work placement
Objectives and benefits
• Experience reports of former participants

The work placement requires a great interest in the academic profession, preferably in a technical and scientific career and the readiness to pursue an unusual career goal. The work placement can only take pace during the lecture periods and lasts for 1-3 weeks.

The schoolgirls selected receive an introductory guide to prepare their work placement and a form they have to hand in at their school. On the first day of their work placement, the project team welcomes all schoolgirls and provides an introduction into the subject. All students receive an information folder, which contains all relevant documents about the university, the degree course and the academic career path. During the last week of the work placement, there is a final meeting with all participating schoolgirls to exchange experiences. A short paper-based survey will be conducted to secure quality assurance.

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