Sex-based discrimination

On 24 April, the German Rector´s Conference (HRK) assumed a clear position on the subject of "Sex-based discrimination". Here you can find the corresponding recommendation of the 24th general meeting of the German Rector´s Conference (HRK)

The Conference for equal oportunity officers and equal oppotunities offices (BuKof) issued a press release on this topic on 24 May 2018. The manual published online includes information, recommendations, materials and guidelines on this topic..

Anonymous securing of evidence after sexual violence (ASS)

Sexual violence can affect every woman. If you experienced rape or other forms of sex-based violence, you can receive help. The Anonymous securing of evidence after sexual violence (ASS) makes it possible to secure all necessary evidence (traces of sperm, injuries, hair, etc.) without reporting the perpetrator of the offence. You have time to consider whether to report or not. The evidence is kept for up to ten years.

  • Women aged 16: Helios University Hospital Wuppertal, Accidents and Emergencies Department of the Landfrauenklinik, Tel. +49 202-896 1425
  • Women until the age of 16: Helios University Hospital Wuppertal, Pediatric Accidents and Emergencies Department of the Children´s Clinic, Tel. +49 202-896 380
  • All age groups: Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital, Accidents and Emergencies Department, Tel. +49 202- 290 0

Anonymous securing of evidence after sexual violence (ASS)

Student support hub of the University of Wuppertal

At the Univeristy of Wuppertal, the psychologist (Masters degree in Psychology) Dr. Britta Marfels supports you in difficult work and life situations. Affected persons can also contact Dr. Marfels in cases of sex-based discrimination.

Scheduling appointments

You can schedule an appoinment either by telephone or by e-mail.


Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Britta Marfels
Telephone: (+49 202) 439-2999
Room M. 11.01

Student advisory centre at the University of Wuppertal

Advisory centres and further information on the issue

The advisory centre FrauenBeratung Wuppertal is a point of contact for women and girls, who have been victims of sex-based discrimination or sexual violence. Further information about the work of the advisory centre FrauenBeratung Wuppertal, as well as dates for an open consulation, i.e. without an appointment, and personal consultations, i.e. with an appointment, can be found on the website of the advisory centre.

FrauenBeratung Wuppertal

The website of the federal Anti-Discrimination Agency provides information on sex-based discrimination, relevant adresses and emergency numbers.

Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

The victim support organization WEISSER RING e.V. offers a free and anonymous helpline at 116 006 (daily between 7 am and 10 pm). Affected persons can make use of our online consultation, too.

Victim support WEISSER RING e.V.

Online-form to report cases of discrimination

The Student Union (AStA) offers an online form for reporting cases to students who suffer discrimination at the University of Wuppertal. In everyday university student life students can be confronted with discriminatory comments and acts of violence - inside and outside study, e.g. when meeting fellow students, employees of the university or lectures. Discrimination inclued racist remarks, sexual harrasment, homophobia and body shaming. Unfortunately, it is n most cases difficult for affected students to take legal action, because of the immanent relationship of dependency in which student might find themselves. This, however, does not mean that forms of discrimination like sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, lookism or class discrimination have to remain uncontradicted.

The Student Union offers general legal advice free of charge and is the frist point of contact for students in case of study-related legal questions. Furthermore, students can use the online-form to report cases of discrimination anonymously and, if necessary, to receive support. Independent advisors will get in touch with the person or chair the discussion, if requsted. All personal data will be tretaed confidentially.

Online-form to report cases of discrimination

Further information about sexual harassment, violence and abuse of power

Handout by the "Netzwerk Frauen und Geschlechterforschung NRW"

The „Netzwerk Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW“ has a comprehensive handout on how to deal with sexual harassment, violence and abuse of power at universities. It includes theoretical perspectives and inventories, the legal context, approaches to action, as well as recommendations for dealing with sexual harassment and violence in the university context.

Policy Paper BuKof

The "Bundeskonferenz der Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Hochschulen e.V. (BuKof)" published a policy paper on Sexual Discrimination and Violence in Higher Education in June 2022.

FAZ newspaper article on the abuse of power at universities

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” released an interesting article on the topic of abuse of power and sexual disrimination at universities: „Wie Doktoranden von ihren Professoren ausgebeutet werden“ ("How PhD students get exploited by their professors").

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